Good Evening Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Gupta,
My name is Holly Campbell. My family and I had the pleasure of meeting the both of you at your store earlier this evening. Let me first just say, that the both of you made our first experience in a traditional Indian store a pleasurable one. Dr. Gupta your passion and product knowledge was very comforting for me as I really did not know what to expect. You seem to be a man of extreme patience and kindness; attributes that many people in this world lack these days. Thank you for taking the time to show me around your lovely store and what it has to offer. Your customer service was outstanding!!
Mrs. Gupta, You truly share the same kindness quality and personality that you husband has. You were such a pleasure to speak with and I thank you for being so kind to my little niece. I found it comforting to know that you take the time to research many of the hair care product that your store receives yourself. Many store owners will go with what ever is popular and put on their shelves and not think twice about it. You seem to truly care about your customers and chemical safety even if the products are natural. I enjoyed my time speaking to you. You truly are a beautiful person inside and out. The two of you make such a wonderful team and the customer service was beyond great. They say that a first impression speaks volumes. My first time in your store was very impressive and I will be retuning to your store soon.
As promised Mrs. Gupta I have put the links to the two online store down at the bottom. The first link is the online company that caries all of the Dabur Vatika product. You may be able to find others like it but this is the one a friend of mine to me about. The second link is for the henna company. There is a lot to this site and I still have not navigated through it all yet. The third link is for a company called LUSH and they are the company that has the henna mixed with shea butter. They are also suppose to be natural and a vegan product. I really would love to know what you both think about these sites. The product I was looking for was from the first link. I am interested in the strengthening shampoo, conditioned and the hair fall control styling cream. Please let me know if you will still be able to get these products for me (and your opinion concerning them) and I will be in straight away. Thank you again for your time today and have a great night.



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